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Osteoarthritis Causes, Symptoms and, Homeopathy Treatment.

Osteoarthritis is one of the commonly occurring forms of arthritis that is caused due to an eventual loss of joint’s cartilage. Through this blog, let’s explore what exactly causes osteoarthritis, what its symptoms are and why homeopathy is considered as the best treatment for this longstanding condition.

What is Osteoarthritis and how it is caused?

Osteoarthritis is a condition of joint degeneration that begins with cartilage erosion. Cartilage is the tissue covering the inner part of the joints that helps in cushioning between two bones and saves them from rubbing against each other. Once the cartilage is set at erosion, the bones of the joint become inflamed owing to this loss of protective covering and that results in osteoarthritis. One of the main causes of osteoarthritis is genetic predisposition.

What are the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis?

The symptoms of osteoarthritis are as follows:

  • Pain and stiffness in the affected joints
  • Swelling of joints
  • Creaking in the joint
  • Pain on repetitive movement of the affected joint
  • Limited joint mobility

Why is Homeopathy for Osteoarthritis considered as best treatment?

Osteoarthritis treatment for Homeopathy is known for its natural efficacy. As most of the homeopathy medicines are plant extracts, the medicines are natural, safe and free from any side effects. Homeopathy Treatment for Osteoarthritis considers treating an individual in their entirety, which means it treats an individual holistically and not merely the disease. Constitutional Homeopathy is one of the most uniquely treating ways of homeopathic medicine. It takes into account all the physical, psychological, social and emotional aspects of an individuals and basis that provides highly effective treatment for osteoarthritis.

For those looking out for long lasting, highly effective and treatment devoid of any side effects, Homeopathy makes the one stop resort for Osteoarthritis symptoms. To know more about Osteoarthritis treatment in Homeoapathy, write in to us at